We become partners by investing directly in companies in our country and in global markets, that aim to make a difference in their sectors, have completed their establishment and are about to enter the development process.

Our basic approach is to be represented in the management of our partnerships and to take an active role in increasing the value of the companies we invest in. Although we do not have a priority to own majority shares in the companies we invest in, we do not refrain from taking this responsibility when necessary.

Although we do not have a lower limit when deciding on an investment, our upper limit is determined by the risk principles that any investment should not exceed twenty percent of our total portfolio size. In addition, we also take part in larger investment partnerships by acting in partnership with funds that provide development financing, institutions that support sustainable development and other venture capital investors.

Our areas of interest are companies working on renewable energy and raw material companies, recycling and environmental technologies, finance, travel, information technologies and mobility solutions. In addition, we also evaluate opportunities that will add value to our stakeholders by supporting innovative ideas that add value to the economy.

We aim to exit our investments within an average of at least three to seven years, in the form of strategic sales, public offering or transfer to management. If the investment deviates from the target due to the general economy, sectoral developments or management differences, we re-evaluate its place in the portfolio and take the necessary precautions and as a public partnership, we transparently announce an exit strategy in a way that will not harm our stakeholders.

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